MISAME ist eine internationale Vereinigung mit einem Netzwerk von externen Partnern in vielen Ländern, sowohl individuell als auch institutionell. Die Gründung dieses Vereins wurde von der Generalversammlung des IMEB am 16. Dezember 2003 angefordert, die sich mit der Erhaltung und Vermittlung der wichtigsten Werke in ihren Sammlungen befasst. MISAME wurde am 12. Juni 2004 während des Synthesis Festivals gegründet. Im Einvernehmen hat das IMEB MISAME ausschließlich das materielle und immaterielle Eigentum an den Musik-, Geschichts-, audiovisuellen und musealen Sammlungen sowie an den technischen und administrativen Archiven übertragen.

Recent Submissions

  • Lament 

    Ainger, Marc (1991)
  • Tragoida/Komoidia 

    Aikman, James (2020-03-03)
    Armando TRANQUILINO / James AIKMAN : Tragoidia 1) A dramatic or literary work depicting a protagonist engaged in a morally significal struggle ending in ruin or profound disappointment. 2) 2) Any dramatic, disastrous ...
  • Fantasy 

    Aikman, James (2020-01-23)
    The piece is in 5 short sections ranging from lyic and expressive to boldly virtuosic. It owes a debt to the imaginative composer, John Eaton. I was one of his electronic music assistants and our ensemble united with the ...
  • HyPER MIX: Sent To Analyze Lifeforms 

    Aikman, James (1991)
    HyPER MIX: Sent To Analyze Lifeforms (1991) a. They appear boring...should we bother, b. Why not...let's sample their digital intelligence. c. What do they do and why do they do it??? d. Evaluate data e. ...
  • Secas las pilas de todos los timbre 

    Aharonian, Coriun (1995)
    Secas las pilas de todos los timbres intends to be a song of love and solidarity in a world in which love has been forgotten and where the requests for solidarity do not even arrive to be heard. It deals with symbols, not ...
  • Esos silencios 

    Aharonian, Coriun (2019-12-14)
    Esos silencios (Those silences) are the silences of our daily vital experience of the seventies in almost all Latin America. "They are there but they aren't", I write for the first public performance. "We do not desire ...
  • Que 

    Aharonian, Coriun (2019-12-10)
    Que was composed between July and October 1969 in a studio of relatively limited possibilities. It is a short and simple piece structured around an expressive idea which converges with that stated by Mario Benedetti in his ...
  • Funes 

    Agostini, Andrea (2019-11-19)
  • C.L.B. 512 

    Ager, Klaus (2019-10-12)
  • Spermanence 

    Agam, Orram (2019-09-24)
    Cette œuvre utilise avec des moyens rudimentaires les qualités figées d'un son de piano échantillonné par le manque d'usine AKAI. Malgré un son plutôt creux que j'ai cherché dans cette sonate à donner un champ d'expression ...
  • SBA 

    Afanasiev, Mihail (2019-09-19)
    "SBA" by M.Afanasiev (2001) is the first composition recorded on by method, which author has named "Transformational technology or new dramaturgy". The main principles of the method are stated in the article "Evolution of ...
  • Ni le rêve, ni lumière, ni la tristesse... 

    Afanasiev, Mihail (2019-08-26)
    "Ni le réve, ni lumière, ni la tristesse... "- M.Afanasiev (1998). This is the continuation of the new sound space mastering, made by synthesizer YAMAHA SY-55, own vocal and many different subjects (nuts, screw, screwdrivers, ...
  • The Circle of Existence 

    Afanasiev, Mihail (1996-00-00)
    "The Circle of existence" - M.Afanasiev (1996). The first composition in genre of studio music. This is an opening of the new way of the author's expression. The syntheses of instrumental and studio thinking. The fragment ...
  • Tricycle 

    Adriaenssens, Paul (2019-07-24)
  • Last thoughts before silence 

    Adkins, Mathew (2007)
  • Aerial 

    Adkins, Mathew (2019-07-04)
  • Deepfield 

    Adkins, Mathew (2000-00-00)
  • Noumena 

    Adkins, Mathew (2000)
    "Noumena" was a term used by Kant referring to the things that underline our experience both of the physical world and of our own mental state (he calls it: the phenomena of outer and inner senses not objects of possible ...
  • Neutrotransmission 

    Adkins, Mathew (2019-06-02)
  • Breaking 

    Adkins, Mathew (1999)

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