Title: Que
Author: Aharonian, Coriun
Date: 2006
Abstract: Que was composed between July and October 1969 in a studio of relatively limited possibilities. It is a short and simple piece structured around an expressive idea which converges with that stated by Mario Benedetti in his poem "Todos conspiramos" ("We all conspire"). It tries to be aggressive, and has recourse to rough or violently percussive textures, and - in general - to high-pitched registers contrasting with that of the male voice which constructs little by little, in the course of the composition, one phrase which re-elaborates, freely and with Benedetti's express authorisation, one and only one of the verses of his poem. Particular electronic circuits of departure in the compositional work establish processes serving as regulators of all parameters in the electronically produced sound, even if changes happen in the textural-timbric result. Que was built up exclusively with electronically generated sounds - except for the scarce apparitions of the spoken text -, but trying to avoid their natural tendency to the synthetic materials' asepsis, to the inorganicity, without re-conditioning them through the criteria of the immediate historic memory. Que has been realised in the Laboratorio de M徭ica Electr溶ica of the Centro Latinoamericano de Altos Estudios Musicales of the Instituto Torcuato Di Tella in Buenos Aires. Armando Halty's voice microphonic takes have been done in Montevideo. The author feels in debt for the support received from Fernando von Reichenbach. When reproducing this composition please take into consideration the following suggestion: Que has its point of maximum intensity (a ffff in perception) at 3'30". There are other "peaks" at 0'31", 1'16" and 2'08". The end should be followed by silence, without "clicks" or "plops" from the reproduction devices. To have a good balance of both channels, please take into account that the voice must sound approximately in the centre.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10858/19481

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