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    • Aikman, James 

      Aikman, James (2020-01-14)
    • Fantasy 

      Aikman, James (2020-01-23)
      The piece is in 5 short sections ranging from lyic and expressive to boldly virtuosic. It owes a debt to the imaginative composer, John Eaton. I was one of his electronic music assistants and our ensemble united with the ...
    • HyPER MIX: Sent To Analyze Lifeforms 

      Aikman, James (1991)
      HyPER MIX: Sent To Analyze Lifeforms (1991) a. They appear boring...should we bother, b. Why not...let's sample their digital intelligence. c. What do they do and why do they do it??? d. Evaluate data e. ...
    • Tragoida/Komoidia 

      Aikman, James (2020-03-03)
      Armando TRANQUILINO / James AIKMAN : Tragoidia 1) A dramatic or literary work depicting a protagonist engaged in a morally significal struggle ending in ruin or profound disappointment. 2) 2) Any dramatic, disastrous ...