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    • Adkins, Mathew // Biographie 

      Adkins, Mathew
    • Aerial 

      Adkins, Mathew (2019-07-04)
    • Between Lines 

      Adkins, Mathew (2008-11-29)
      dedicated to Anton Lukoszevieze
    • Breaking 

      Adkins, Mathew (1999)
    • Clothed in the Soft Horizon 

      Adkins, Mathew (2019-04-11)
    • Deepfield 

      Adkins, Mathew (2000-00-00)
    • Five Panels 

      Adkins, Mathew
      Der Werkzyklus »Five Panels« ist von den späten Arbeiten Mark Rothkos beeinflusst, wobei diese Prägung vor allem in den Stücken Panel no. 3 (for Annis) und Panel no. 5 (for Finn) deutlich wird. Jedes Stück reflektiert einen ...
    • Last thoughts before silence 

      Adkins, Mathew (2007)
    • Mapping 

      Adkins, Mathew (1998)
      Mapping is a piece that depicts the slow evolution of a landscape: it leads the listener through unknown territory, arriving at landing points from time to time by means of transformed sounds from the real world. The work ...
    • Melt 

      Adkins, Mathew (2019-04-10)
    • Neutrotransmission 

      Adkins, Mathew (2019-06-02)
    • Noumena 

      Adkins, Mathew (2000)
      "Noumena" was a term used by Kant referring to the things that underline our experience both of the physical world and of our own mental state (he calls it: the phenomena of outer and inner senses not objects of possible ...
    • Pagan Circus 

      Adkins, Mathew (1997)
    • Silent red 

      Adkins, Mathew (1997)
      This work was written as part of a multimedia performance by the Mohican Blue Dance Co. for three dancers, three video projections and electroacoustic sound. The work was inspired was the triptych paintings of Francis ...